My FAVORITE thing ..

12 07 2011

..about couponing is that we RARELY have to make trips to the store because we don’t have something. We always have SOMETHING. Like the meals I am deciding between for dinner. .we have all the stuff, no need to pick up eggs or milk at the store! Love it.

So should we have chicken pot pie, steak pot pie or jalapeno stuffed chicken..? Hmm they all sound delicious – pregnant women shouldn’t have to make such tough decisions!

Couponing Stigma

12 07 2011

I had always heard that cashiers are unfriendly to coupons but had yet to experience it myself. UNTIL I went to Safeway on 99 for a few groceries.

So here I am, standing in line, waiting for the cashier and customer to finish up their conversation so I can get the eff out of there (I have a tendency to pass out standing in grocery store lines, no joke..). The cashier was a real chatty-Kathy so I figured I had picked a good line with a friendly person. There happened to be a kid behind me buying beer so I let him go first since he had one thing. Good couponing karma, right? Ugh. So when it was my turn (AFTER the kid neglected to see my belly and asked if I wanted a beer to thank me for letting him go first, lol) I put my groceries on the belt and she rang me up.. When I handed her my coupons, which was NOT many, maybe 10? she sighed and told everyone else in line THAT HAD ALREADY PUT ALL THEIR GROCERIES ON THE BELT that I had coupons and it was going to take a while! She then told them they could either pick out a magazine to read or go to another line … WTF… I felt bad (not really embarrassed, surprisingly) so I kept apologizing to the ladies behind me. Luckily, she was a couponer back home and was out of town so didn’t bring her coupons, so she understood! Her daughter even said to the (rude) cashier, “don’t you just have to scan coupons?” Ha, that’s what we thought. She pulled the pen from behind her ear and matched up everything in my bags to the coupon.. In the midst of it, she had hoisted my sodas onto the counter, seeming like it was hard. I made a joke about getting her exercise for the day ..she rudely replied, “uh yeah, times 100 customers.” Ugh, little pieces of negativity really urk me. Was that necessary to say? No. Anyway, while she was matching up my coupons, one didn’t work so I apologized and put it back in my purse. I casually explained to her that there are two kinds of coupons and the one I used was notorious for not being compatible with all systems (PDF’s). She then offered up that it could be faked. That Safeway has had so many fake coupons lately they were tightening up their policy. Really lady ..are you implying that I forged a $1 off 2 sponges coupon? If I were going to fake coupons I would make them better! It’s ridiculous to think about, faking coupons. We couponers already work hard to match up our coupons and sales ..who has time for that crap. In my purchase I had 2 packs of toothbrushes for P, cuz he seems to lose them all the time. The coupon I had made them free since they were on sale. She told me that she would have to adjust the coupon since they were a PENNY less than the coupon stated. I said oh yeah, of course. She then told me she wasn’t going to PAY ME (2 cents, mind you) for buying toothbrushes….. Yeah, 2 cents is 2 cents I GUESS but did she need to tell me she wasn’t going to pay me? Pay me? Wow, what a payday. So at that point, I stopped trying to make conversation with her, as she clearly felt I was the worst person ever. While she was matching my coupons, she told someone on the phone she had a couponer and was gonna be up there a while. Again, necessary? It was HER fault it was taking so long. She wouldn’t let me use a few coupons because she was an idiot and couldn’t calculate in her head but at that point I would have rather paid full price. Ugh so when she was finally done, she put my sodas in my cart and said, “If I had kids, I would tell them to be a dentist because all of the soda and sugar people are buying these days.” HA!

I am usually really good at remembering people’s names but I forget hers. It wasn’t till after the fact that I thought I should leave a comment card or something. She was very rude, when I was cheery and very friendly.

I went back to that Safeway (mistakenly giving them another chance) and had another bad experience. It’s a longer (really..) story but ended up having an awesome supervisor fix the incompetent cashiers mistakes, so I wasn’t as irritated as the first time.

We often get cashiers who think couponers are a big hassle, but don’t say anything. And then there are the ones, like our friend at Target and Alb’s that think couponing is amazing. I honestly don’t see why it has to be such a hassle.. What’s more of a hassle is figuring out how you are going to stretch your food budget for the month. We have a $200 budget, which is actually A LOT. I have spent less than $100 and we’re 2 weeks in. We never really have to worry about food. .we can save money for better things those vacations we take once or twice a year ūüôā

But yes, some people misuse coupons but there are so many more out there that don’t, like me. I don’t have time or the balls to do so. I get anxious when they scan my coupons that are legit! Ugh.

So anyway, I figured since this is my blog, it was a good place to vent the irritations I have. Terrible cashiers along with EMPTY SHELVES is almost enough to burn me out. Almost. Then I realize how GREAT couponing is and jump back on the wagon.

Lately. .

8 07 2011

You probably haven’t noticed but we haven’t been blogging much.. Why, you ask? Well, people just don’t seem that interested. It originally started as a tool to help out those who were so curious how THEY TOO could save major money on groceries ..but no one really coupons. My younger sister coupons a little but feels overwhelmed with it all, which I think may be the case for most people. What’s overwhelming to me is going to the grocery store and spending your entire food budget on minimal items. The other day I was behind a lady in line who bought normal grocery items that I’m sure you all buy (cereal, bread, juice, lunch meat, TP, etc..). She maaaaybe had 30 items and spent OVER $200. Uhhh… Today we went to Winco, of all places (generally can’t beat their produce prices) and spent $35 on a bunch of stuff. That’s a GOOD amount of food for $35 and only a few coupons. But I STILL felt weird spending that much on one transaction ..crazy, huh? Went to the farmer’s market today and picked up a pint of raspberries and a bunch of baby carrots for yummy candy glazed carrots!

Total groceries for the month = $60
pint of raspberries
bunch baby carrots
2 lb nectarines
3 lb bananas
bunch of spinach
1 lb tomatoes
5 lb potatoes
3 pounds onions
1 lb apples
2 lb flour
6 bagels
2 boxes of waffles
3 Challenge butter
1 Darigold sour cream
2 ranch dips
2 petite sirloins
1 lb flank steak (for Ryan’s jerky!)
big tub of shortening
4 packs blueberry muffin mix
tortilla chips
8 Kettle chips
6 boxes Rice Krispies
2 boxes Nutri-Grain bars
1 box Cinnabon bars
1 box fruit snacks (promised P!)
3 packs Oreos
2 packs Chips Ahoy
1 pack Fig Newtons
2 packs imitation crab (crab puffs, mmm!!)
1 pack wontons
1 jar Nutella (wow, I can’t believe I paid $4+ for a tiny jar..)

Non-food = $18

35 lb bag of GOOD dog food for Chuck, no store brand!
3 Proglide and Hydro razors
14 toothbrushes
1 toothpaste
17 John Frieda’s shampoo/condition
3 bags of Tide Stain Release
1 48 roll Charmin ULTRA (so soft!)
18 Ajax/comet stuff

I think that covers most of what we got yesterday and today. Spent less than $100 ..not bad, eh? Tried to keep busy (grocery shopping) today because tomorrow we find out the sex of our baby! WOoOoOOHOo!


30 06 2011

We finally outgrew our small shelves and I was tired of stuff being disorganized in different places. So I got new shelves today and now the shelves look empty! you can’t really see the bottom shelf in the picture but it’s all drinks and snacks.



















All the stackable bins at the top are from Dollar Tree !

Total Cost: $12

27 06 2011

I’ll admit, I am addicted to savings! Should I be ashamed? Meh. I guess if I bought things we didn’t need and would never use. Like those skinny jeans you bought cuz they were SUCH a good deal and after eating Special K and Yoplait everyday they just might fit? HA, we definitely don’t do that. Buuuut if we did, I am sure our cheap groceries would STILL be cheaper than those jeans. So ..whatev ūüôā

You will find that as you plan your trips, new deals will come up throughout the week ..or in today’s case, as soon as we got home from our first Albertson’s trip! Was it worth it to go back to the store to make money on granola bars and healthy brownie bars (“fart bars” as Devin and Jessica call them and Payton has picked up, thanks Jess!) ? Yes, I think it was. Especially since we had no kids today and heck, why not?









Here is the breakdown ..

Tran #1
4 Nature Valley granola thins (these have chocolate and peanut butter spread on them and are 80 calories, yum!)
Total price: I MADE $2.25 on these ..AND got a CAT for a FREE gallon of milk ..uh, yeah!

Tran #2
4 Fiber One brownie bars
Total price: MADE $2.25 on these too!

Tran #3
6 V8 Splash
Total price: $.30 (darn deposit!)

Tran #4
4 Minute Maid lemonade, pink lemonade, orangeade (whatever that is, but we will try it!)
8 pack of “sleek” Coke (who knew such a thing existed!)
8 boxes of pizza rolls
2 packs of GOOD bacon (originally $7.99, yikes!)
Total paid: $11 but since I made money on the others and still have a CAT leftover, I’d say I did DARN good!

So that was Albertson’s .. we were so hyped up on our scores that we went across the street to Walgreens..

16 Carefree panty liners – yes, I’m preggo ..yes, these will be of GREAT use – TMI ? just in case you were wondering ..
4 Pringler super stacks (big ones)
1 pack of rubber gloves – early Christmas gift for Ryan! hehehe, not a joke, he wanted some ūüôā and I needed a filler.
1 Reeses crunchy – filler and Ryan loves them
3 Dove’s Men body soap (6 in a pack) – f-r-e-e for all
Total price: $4 and some change

You can see the breakdown of Walgreen’s on Jessica’s post but I thought I’d get something up since Ryan insisted I take a picture of all the gems!

I went to pick up some free lawn chairs in Gladstone and figured I’d stop at Safeway there since I have never been in .. of course the chairs were gone, but they DID have the deodorant I have been waiting (and waiting, and waiting) to come in at the King Rd one. . So this is what I got.

4 bags Wonderful pistachios
12 Sure deodorant
Total price: $5.86 ..not too shabby granted pistachios are $4.99 for ONE regularly ..guess it’s a splurge ?? Hey we are saving money on staples to get “REAL” food, right?

I probably don’t really need to justify spending $6 on nuts .. I am pregnant, I need protein, I love pistachios !

20 dish soaps weren’t enough?!

27 06 2011

Ya that’s right, I went back for more dish soap (I have a family of 7, we go through A LOT of dishes!).. and a few other awesome deals!

¬†(sorry for the not so quality picture, I put all the stuff away before I realized the picture didn’t turn out so good, and I really didn’t want to get everything back out again!)

So I went back to Albertsons, did 2 more transactions for the Ajax dish soap= FREE!!

Then I also did these transactions-

Buy 4 Nature Valley Thins $2.50 ($10.00)
Use (4) $.75/1 Nature Valley Granola Thins coupon from 6/26 SS Insert
Use (3) Albertsons Doubles (-$2.25)
Pay $4.75, get $2 Catalina, $5 Catalina & Free milk Catalina
FREE +$2.25 Money Maker and Free Milk!!!

Buy 4 Fiber One Brownies $2.50 ($12.50)
Use (4) $.75/1 Fiber One 90 Calorie Brownie
Use (3) Albertsons Doubles (-$2.25)
Pay $4.75, get $2 Catalina & $5 Catalina
FREE +$2.25 Money Maker (thats the best deal, I only had 3 MFR coupons, so I got $4 money maker, still a great deal!)

Then we went to Walgreens to see what we could find!

Dove Men’s Bar Soap, 6pk 3/$18
Buy 3, Receive $6.00 RR
Use (3) $4.00 Dove Men’s Care Bar Soap from RP 6/26
Pay: $6.00, Receive $6.00 RR
Final Price: FREE! (even if the price isn’t advertised at your store, have the cashier double check for you, because our’s didn’t have a sale tag, but it rang up at the sale price!)

Carefree Liners, 16-60 Count, $1.99
Use $3/2 Walgreens Coupon July Booklet
And (2) $0.50/1 Carefree 6/26 SS (we found some in the store too!)
or (2) $0.50/1 Carefree
or (1) $1/1 Carefree 5/8 SS
Final Price: FREE!

Pringles Super Stack, $1.50
Buy 4, Receive $2 RR
$1/3 Pringles Super Stack 6/26 or 5/22 RP
Pay: $5, Receive $2 RR
Final Price: $0.75 each when you buy 4  (yes, Devin has already gotten into the chips!)

So at the end of all this, I had to spend $20.50, but after all the Catalinas I got back, I got paid $1.50 for all this stuff. Please feel free to check my math, confession- I suck at math. And yes, I do have a calculator with me pretty much at¬†all times, her name is TJ ūüôā



Good Morning Albertsons!

26 06 2011

As TJ mentioned, we went to Albertsons in the morning,¬†as in¬†7am!!¬†That is pretty extreme for us! Usually we are out shopping at midnight! It was quite the adventure, but it was worth it! Here’s all my transactions-

Trans #1- 6 Ajax dishsoap= FREE!

Trans #2- 6 Ajax dishsoap=FREE!

Trans #3-6 Ajax dishsoap=FREE!

Trans #4-10 vitamin waters + 5 free powerade, 2 packs of pork chops and 2 packs of bacon=$11.89

Trans #5- 2 Ajax dish soap & 2 Jamba juice smoothies =$1.00

Trans #6-4 Danimals yogurts, gallon of milk, and oreos=$1.99

Trans #7- 5 Smart waters, 5 Vitamin waters + 5 free powerades= $1.00

Total spent= $15.88!!!

*The meat was an unplanned purchase, check your meat department! We found bacon marked down to $1.99 (normally $6.99) and the pork chops were managers special, so there was a $2.00 off coupon on them, making them about half off!*


*Always feel free to ask any questions! =)

This is what $19.63 gets you if you coupon!

26 06 2011

Jessica and I took our couponing to another level ..we went shopping in the MORNING! It’s about the same as shopping at night but THEY HAVE EVERYTHING WE WANT! That’s pretty amazing if you’re familiar with the empty shelves that are seemingly more common these days – especially in Milwaukie, we have a smaller Albertson’s!

I ended up doing 10 transactions, but it wasn’t busy so we were able to do them virtually back to back with only one or two people going ahead of us! Remember, ALWAYS LET PEOPLE WITH NO COUPONS (you’ll know who they are, you recognize the sales!) GO AHEAD OF YOU. Makes for nicer cashiers and nicer looks. I will break down my transactions ..they’re pretty easy, similar items.

3 Tombstone pizzas
2 Dreyer’s Fruit bars
3 Seattle’s Best Coffee iced lattes
Total: $11.33 PLUS a $5 CAT that I will roll !

3 Jamba Juice smoothies – strawberry banana
Total: $1.50

3 Jamba Juice smoothies – mango ..uhh yum
Total: $1.50

3 Jamba Juice smoothies – razzmataz (blue/straw/raspberry)
Total: $1.50

2 Danimals crush cups
2 Danimals go-gurts
1 gal milk
1 pack of Oreos
Total: $1 (used $5 CAT since I didn’t bring backup coupons, rookie mistake ūüė¶

7 Vitamin waters
3 Smart waters
5 Powerades
Total: $1.40 (dang OR deposit! – would have been $.65!)

7 Vitamin waters
3 Smart waters
5 Powerades
Total: $1.40

10 Smart waters
5 Powerades
Total: FREE

6 Ajax dish soap
Total: FREE

4 Athenos greek yogurt
2 Ajax dish soap
Total: FREE

So there you have it .. questions, just ask. These aren’t very complicated transactions ūüôā

JD’s Albertson’s Doubler Trip List!

25 06 2011

I am getting a few things that TJ is getting so I won’t repost those things!

But I am also getting ajax¬†dish soap¬†for free!! Here’s how–

Save $1 on any TWO Dynamo, Ajax, Fab or Niagara products (I’m sorry but I have no idea what insert this is from, I bought them off of eBay!)

With Albertsons doubles I can get any bottle of ajax that is under $2 for FREE!!!

I am also going to do the yogurt deal like TJ is

Danimals Crush Cup 4pk or Danimals Drinkables or Coolision or Dan-o-nino, 6pk  $2
Buy 4, Save $4 on Milk Instantly

Buy 4 ($8)
Buy 1 Gallon of milk
Save $4 on Milk Instantly (-$4)
Use (4) $1/1 Dannon Danimals Product 6/5 SS Insert
or (4) $1/1 Dannon Dan-o-nino Dairy Snacks 6/5 SS Insert
Use (3) Albertsons doubles (-$3)
$1 after coupons & doubles + FREE Milk

but I also have a Save $1 when you buy 1 package of Nabisco cookies (40z-26oz) AND one gallon of milk (this coupon was in Albertsons). Oreo’s are on sale this week for $1.99 so they will be $.99 cents after this coupon!

*So all in all I have about 9-10 transactions to do! If you aren’t familiar with¬†Albertson’s¬†doubles policy, you can use 3 doubles in one transaction, and do 3 transactions in a row. So I plan on doing my 3 transactions, putting my stuff in the car and going back for more! I just want to point out it’s not like the show AT ALL! Doing that many transactions may feel like a lot of work, but hello, it’s free stuff- stuff that I would have to purchase anyways!*

TJ’s Alberson’s Doubler Trip List!

25 06 2011

These are the double deals I’m going for at Albertsons this week!


BUY 5, get $5 CAT

(3) Tombstone Original Pizza
USE (3) $1/1 from Pabst
USE (3) doublers
+ 2 Dreyer’s Fruit Bars (no coupons, but I want them!)
Pay $11.33, get $5 CAT
Final Price:  $1.27 each



Buy 10, get 5 free Powerade
There are many scenarios you can do if you have the coupons! These are my faves.

Scenario 1
Buy 10 Smart Waters
Use (10) $.75/1 tearpads popping up all over!
Use (3) doublers
Final Price: $.25 for 10 Smart Waters AND 5 FREE Powerades!
OR $.02 each!


Scenario 2
Buy 7 Vitamin Waters
3 Smart Waters
Use (7) $.55/1 Vitamin Water
Use (3) $.75/1 Smart Water
Use (3) doublers
Final Price: $1.65 for 7 Vita waters, 3 Smart waters and 5 Powerades
OR $.11 EACH



Danimals Crush Cup 4pk or Danimals Drinkables or Coolision or Dan-o-nino, 6pk  $2
Buy 4, Save $4 on Milk Instantly

Buy 4 ($8)
Buy 1 Gallon of milk
Save $4 on Milk Instantly (-$4)
Use (4) $1/1 Dannon Danimals Product 6/5 SS Insert
or (4) $1/1 Dannon Dan-o-nino Dairy Snacks 6/5 SS Insert
Use (3) Albertsons doubles (-$3)
$1 after coupons & doubles + FREE Milk

Jamba Juice Smoothies $2.50
Use $1/1 coupon from 5/22 SS Insert
Use Albertsons double (-$1)
$.50 after coupon & double

Athenos Yogurt $1

Double $1/2  $1/2 Athenos Greek Yogurt printable coupon
Final Price FREE

Oxi Clean Original In-Wash Booster or Pre-Treater $3.34-$3.59

Use $3/2 any Oxi-clean (5/1 SS I think!)
Final Price as low as $1.34

Resolve Pre-Wash Treatments $2.29
Use $1/1 coupon from 6/5 SS Insert, $.75/1 coupon from 6/26 SS Insert or $1/1 coupon
Use Albertsons double (-$1)
$.29 after coupon & double


BUY 10 (mix n match) get $5 off instantly ( that’s the seond price!)
Finish Quantum $2.99/$2.49 10 ct
Use $1/1 Finish Quantum Automatic Dishwasher Detergent or $1/1 Finish Quantum Dishwasher Detergent
Final Price $.49 after double

Hefty Foam Plates and Bowls $1.99/$1.49
Double $1/2 Hefty Plates or Cups
Final Price: 50 cents each