Abandoning brand loyalty

20 06 2011

There are tons of excuses  reasons out there people have for not couponing. One of them that I hear a lot is that there are never any coupons offered for the products they use. So I think my number one tip is try new things! Maybe that shampoo, deodorant, toilet paper (insert item here) you’ve been using for the past 10 years is awesome, but maybe, just maybe there is something else out there that will also work for you. I’ve used Pantene Pro-v shampoo and conditioner for years before couponing (it does well at taming the frizz!) BUT why in the world do I want to spend $5+ a bottle when I can get John Frieda for free! (And it also tames the frizz pretty well too!!) Did you know those new Newton Fruit Thins are pretty tasty?! Neither did I until I tried them because of a great deal! Soo.. be willing to try new products!



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