Albertson’s DOUBLES ! ! 6/26-6/28

21 06 2011

We are getting doubles this week!
It’s been pretty slow the last week or two so this should be awesome! I haven’t personally matched up any sales but other sites have and more will come during the week!
Instead of typing out all the matchups, check out Coupon Connections for the deals and scenarios!

Thanks, CouponConnections!

**If you are new to using ALB doubles (they’re called Twice the Value or TTV), see their coupon policy here!

A few things to keep in mind:
*You are allowed (3) doublers PER transaction – this is mandatory, cashiers get in trouble if they accept more, I believe.

*You are allowed (3) transactions in a row before having to either go to the end of the line or taking your groceries out to the car and coming back in –  this varies by store! I have done more than three in a row but this is because it’s dead late at night when I shop and it’s always the same three working so they recognize me/us, actually!

*If you DON’T GET THE PAPER (couponing sin!), you can ask customer service for a sheet of doublers. There are three on a sheet. They are allowed to give one per person per day. Once again, YMMV!

*If you use three doublers, make sure each has a different number, which is found near the barcode . .it’s either a 1, 2 or 3! It won’t work if you have two 2’s! I learned this the hard way, talk about anxiety ..I had to reorganize ALL my coupons. Ugh. I don’t think a lot of people know this though, SO now you do, no excuses 😛

*If you have three transactions and there is a lone person behind you buying one item, LET THEM GO FIRST! People will think you are so generous AND you will avoid the staredowns many couponers get. Not that I CARE what they think or say, it seems the cashiers get more irritated when people are waiting for you. And remember, being cordial to your cashier es muy importante!

I’m sure there are other things I have learned along the way but I must pack up and head to school ..bummer, eh.  Will add more as the week goes on!



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