Extreme? No! Awesome? Yes!

21 06 2011

Soo I am getting together my FM list and coupons so I figured I would walk you guys through how I organize a shopping adventure!

This week FM has an in store coupon for Pantene hair care products 3/$10, also in SS 6/19 there is MFR q for $3/2 Pantene products.. sooo just because the ad says 3 for $10, you don’t have to buy 3 to get this price. They will come out to $3.33 a piece.

So here’s the realistic side of couponing, the instore coupon limits 3 per transaction, I have 12 MFR q’s so I’ll be doing 12
transactions at FM this week. Sounds like a lot, but they are short, 2 item transactions.

Here’s the math-

2 X 3.33= 6.66-3=3.66$ not bad for 3 products of Pantene right?! Here’s the best part! FM is printing a catalina for $3 oyno for each 2 Pantene products you buy.. So my first transaction I will spend $3.66, but I’ll be getting $3 back. Some stores you can roll this $3 cat into the next order. I’ve heard you can do this at FM, so I am going to try. So transaction #2, I’ll give the cashier my $3 cat, and .66cents in change and hold my breath while I wait to see if another $3 cat prints out! If it does, I’ll keep rolling my cats onto each next order! If it doesn’t I’ll just use it for something else I need.. like mascara!

There is also a store coupon Purchase $10 or more of Cover girl cosmetics and get free mascara.. I need mascara and have been waiting for a good deal to buy it. I haven’t been able to find any matchups for this deal on other blogs so here’s where the binder organization system comes in handy, I just have to flip to

Ok so no covergirl coupons in there.. so I’ve kinda been slacking on clipping coupons and have started stacking in a pile filing my inserts! So here’s why coupon data bases are wonderful, I just searched and found this one http://thefrugalfind.com/coupon-database/  typed in cover girl and discovered I have coupons for other products, yay!! (They are from P&G 6/5 insert) Now I have all my coupons clipped and I’ll  be off to Freddies tomorrow to do transaction #1!!



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