100 Things About TJ

22 06 2011

I’m sure most of you know most of this stuff! 

1. I stay up way too late at night.

2. I have 3 sisters and 1 brother.

3. My parents have been together 30 years and never married!

4. I wear a 6 in women’s shoes, but often buy boys so a 4 1/2!

5. I was a size 4 until I started dating Ryan 🙂

6. Rottweilers are my favorite dog

7. I don’t like going to the zoo – it gets boring after you have gone a few times.

8. I love Volkswagens. .always have, always will.

9. I took autoshop in high school while my friends took calligraphy and pottery.

10. I got good grades in school w/o trying – then came the health sciences.

11. I am studying to be an RN. Someday I would like to be a CRNA.

12. My son has my eyes, that’s about it.

13. I love horror movies.

14. When I was a three my sisters and I got brought home by the police for throwing rocks at an old school.

15. I was arrested for street racing when I was 19.

16. I was the kid parents didn’t want their kid hanging out with.

17. The first time I made cookies I put a 1/4 CUP of salt instead of a 1/4 TSP. I was 6.

18. I attempted making donuts when I was 7.

19. I was part of a UW psychology study from age 6-21.

20. I don’t have a favorite number, song or food.

21. Couponing is my favorite hobby.

22. I take antidepressants and don’t care if people know that.

23. I will never forget the ganache mousse brownies at SSCC. mmm

24. My mom used to threaten to call CPS on me. . I was a bad kid. Or she was a bad mom.

25. I have  moved over 20 times in my life.

26. I have been homeless several times .. as in slept in a tent, at peoples houses or in motels.

27. When I was a kid I wanted to be an astronaut. Then a pilot.

28. I regret a lot of choices I’ve made in my life.

29. Jaimi and I were in the ‘no kids’ club together, till I betrayed her and had P ;P

30. I can’t wait for my 30’s. .women sexually peak in their 30’s !

31. My teen years we ..weird..

32. My 20’s were/are ..stable..

33. I wish I was a morning person.

34. Sometimes I think I push myself too hard.

35. Ryan and I have been together almost 3 years :o)

36. I used to sing a lot ..now I rarely do.

37. My sister Tara and I took acting and modeling classes at John Casablanca in elementary school. We were the poor kids.

38. I never understood my parents parenting choices.

39. Dr. Peppers makes my stomach hurt.

40. I have been to Hawaii 3 times.

41. If I couldn’t travel I would go crazy.

42. Chicago is my favorite city. It’s beautiful, historical, eclectic, romantic. .

43. I went to Ecuador for a month and got really sick. I paid $400 to come home early. eek

44. If I won the lottery I would buy everyone in my family a house. It seems like the unstable part of our lives.

45. I don’t talk to my best friends in Washington much anymore.

46. None of my closest friends have kids, making it difficult to connect.

47. Sometimes I contemplate growing dreadlocks.

48. Have I mentioned I can be lazy sometimes. .?

49. But I always get things done.

50. Garage saling on a hot, breezy day with the top off is exhilarating.

51. I am progressively getting cheaper.

52. I pick fleas off of cats and dogs because they’re gross and its a habit now.

53. I never thought I would lose a child.

54. The Puyallup Fair will always be my favorite way to spend my birthday.

55. I think some people are too sensitive.

56. I like everyone until you give me a reason not to.

57. I wish there were more hours in a day.

58. I love cooking competitions.

59. I used to be an alcoholic. Yes, it was bad.

60. Not surprising, addiction runs in my family.

61. So does having bad spending habits and no clue how to effectively save money.

62. My first concert was Hanson ! mmmbop

63. I didn’t ask enough questions when I was younger.

64. I always had the top bunk when Tara and I had bunkbeds.

65. When I was 13 I was so proud I could rap to Jay Z’s “Jigga What”

66. I impressed Megan’s boyfriend by knowing all of the words to “Regulate.”

67. Did I mention I grew up in the ghetto?

68. Someone got shot on my street when I was 11.

69. I was married once.

70. I still have his last name.

71. If I die young, bury me in satin.

72. I can’t stand the public school system or welfare system.

73. I am very opinionated ..but know when to keep my mouth shut. Like any time politics or religion comes up with my in-laws 😛

74. Every time I have a Mr. Pibb I think of McDonalds.

75. My little man is growing up too fast.

76. I don’t believe in god.

77. My shoulders are double-jointed.

78. I have never driven my parents car. Ever.

79. I like tie-dye.

80. I don’t like houses with all hardwood floors.

81. If we have a boy I want to name him Cruz. A girl would be Grace or Reagan.

82. Anthropologie is my favorite store (that I can’t shop at!).

83. I want to flip houses.

84. When I was in high school I almost joined the Air Force.

85. I have a subcription to Family Circle, Woman’s Day and Better Homes and Gardens.

86. I read gossip-magazines when they’re around but have no idea what is going on in Hollywood.

87. I watch Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant and don’t feel bad one bit.

88. I appreciate honesty more than anything.

89. A lack of common sense is my BIGGEST pet peeve.

90. I wish one of my sisters would have a baby. Or get married.

91. I listen to country music primarily. And oldies and soft rock.

92. I am older than my years.

93. If I could go anywhere I would go to Greece.

94. I periodically delete people off of my Facebook, it’s not personal (most of the time .. )

95. I don’t understand why females are so dumb when it comes to dating.

96. I would rather sleep then eat.

97. I shrank an inch when I was pregnant with P ..no joke!

98. People have the hardest time saying my name.

99. I don’t understand why everyone needs flat screens.

100. I want my kids to know me as a person, not just as mom. I don’t know who my parents are as people.



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