Total Cost: $12

27 06 2011

I’ll admit, I am addicted to savings! Should I be ashamed? Meh. I guess if I bought things we didn’t need and would never use. Like those skinny jeans you bought cuz they were SUCH a good deal and after eating Special K and Yoplait everyday they just might fit? HA, we definitely don’t do that. Buuuut if we did, I am sure our cheap groceries would STILL be cheaper than those jeans. So ..whatev 🙂

You will find that as you plan your trips, new deals will come up throughout the week ..or in today’s case, as soon as we got home from our first Albertson’s trip! Was it worth it to go back to the store to make money on granola bars and healthy brownie bars (“fart bars” as Devin and Jessica call them and Payton has picked up, thanks Jess!) ? Yes, I think it was. Especially since we had no kids today and heck, why not?









Here is the breakdown ..

Tran #1
4 Nature Valley granola thins (these have chocolate and peanut butter spread on them and are 80 calories, yum!)
Total price: I MADE $2.25 on these ..AND got a CAT for a FREE gallon of milk ..uh, yeah!

Tran #2
4 Fiber One brownie bars
Total price: MADE $2.25 on these too!

Tran #3
6 V8 Splash
Total price: $.30 (darn deposit!)

Tran #4
4 Minute Maid lemonade, pink lemonade, orangeade (whatever that is, but we will try it!)
8 pack of “sleek” Coke (who knew such a thing existed!)
8 boxes of pizza rolls
2 packs of GOOD bacon (originally $7.99, yikes!)
Total paid: $11 but since I made money on the others and still have a CAT leftover, I’d say I did DARN good!

So that was Albertson’s .. we were so hyped up on our scores that we went across the street to Walgreens..

16 Carefree panty liners – yes, I’m preggo ..yes, these will be of GREAT use – TMI ? just in case you were wondering ..
4 Pringler super stacks (big ones)
1 pack of rubber gloves – early Christmas gift for Ryan! hehehe, not a joke, he wanted some 🙂 and I needed a filler.
1 Reeses crunchy – filler and Ryan loves them
3 Dove’s Men body soap (6 in a pack) – f-r-e-e for all
Total price: $4 and some change

You can see the breakdown of Walgreen’s on Jessica’s post but I thought I’d get something up since Ryan insisted I take a picture of all the gems!

I went to pick up some free lawn chairs in Gladstone and figured I’d stop at Safeway there since I have never been in .. of course the chairs were gone, but they DID have the deodorant I have been waiting (and waiting, and waiting) to come in at the King Rd one. . So this is what I got.

4 bags Wonderful pistachios
12 Sure deodorant
Total price: $5.86 ..not too shabby granted pistachios are $4.99 for ONE regularly ..guess it’s a splurge ?? Hey we are saving money on staples to get “REAL” food, right?

I probably don’t really need to justify spending $6 on nuts .. I am pregnant, I need protein, I love pistachios !



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