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8 07 2011

You probably haven’t noticed but we haven’t been blogging much.. Why, you ask? Well, people just don’t seem that interested. It originally started as a tool to help out those who were so curious how THEY TOO could save major money on groceries ..but no one really coupons. My younger sister coupons a little but feels overwhelmed with it all, which I think may be the case for most people. What’s overwhelming to me is going to the grocery store and spending your entire food budget on minimal items. The other day I was behind a lady in line who bought normal grocery items that I’m sure you all buy (cereal, bread, juice, lunch meat, TP, etc..). She maaaaybe had 30 items and spent OVER $200. Uhhh… Today we went to Winco, of all places (generally can’t beat their produce prices) and spent $35 on a bunch of stuff. That’s a GOOD amount of food for $35 and only a few coupons. But I STILL felt weird spending that much on one transaction ..crazy, huh? Went to the farmer’s market today and picked up a pint of raspberries and a bunch of baby carrots for yummy candy glazed carrots!

Total groceries for the month = $60
pint of raspberries
bunch baby carrots
2 lb nectarines
3 lb bananas
bunch of spinach
1 lb tomatoes
5 lb potatoes
3 pounds onions
1 lb apples
2 lb flour
6 bagels
2 boxes of waffles
3 Challenge butter
1 Darigold sour cream
2 ranch dips
2 petite sirloins
1 lb flank steak (for Ryan’s jerky!)
big tub of shortening
4 packs blueberry muffin mix
tortilla chips
8 Kettle chips
6 boxes Rice Krispies
2 boxes Nutri-Grain bars
1 box Cinnabon bars
1 box fruit snacks (promised P!)
3 packs Oreos
2 packs Chips Ahoy
1 pack Fig Newtons
2 packs imitation crab (crab puffs, mmm!!)
1 pack wontons
1 jar Nutella (wow, I can’t believe I paid $4+ for a tiny jar..)

Non-food = $18

35 lb bag of GOOD dog food for Chuck, no store brand!
3 Proglide and Hydro razors
14 toothbrushes
1 toothpaste
17 John Frieda’s shampoo/condition
3 bags of Tide Stain Release
1 48 roll Charmin ULTRA (so soft!)
18 Ajax/comet stuff

I think that covers most of what we got yesterday and today. Spent less than $100 ..not bad, eh? Tried to keep busy (grocery shopping) today because tomorrow we find out the sex of our baby! WOoOoOOHOo!



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8 07 2011
Tara Quinn

might have to come shopping @ your house 😉

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