Who We Are

I love to save money on EVERYTHING! Whether it’s groceries, clothing, dinners out, travel, entertainment or gifts, I raaaaaarely pay full price. I have always been thrifty, sharing tips here and there when people ask. . but lately, the response to my couponing has been overwhelming . .and flattering, I must say! I put work into saving as much as I do (often more than 70%) and am proud of it! I hear ALL THE TIME that people don’t have time to coupon. Nonsense! Trust me, it is possible at every level, time commitment and every family size.

I LOVE couponing! I started couponing to save my family a little money, but it’s turned into so much more! It is allowing me to finish my last year of school without having to work, and with a preschooler, I really appreciate not having to work outside the home right now! After school I plan on working in the human services field and we all know social workers don’t do their jobs for the money!! Soo.. I needed to find ways to cut our household budget! Couponing has quickly become my favorite hobby and I am saving soo much money, I love to share with my friends and family how we are saving 50%-100% (yes, 100%!!) on our shopping trips!

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