My Stockpile!

23 06 2011

I’m sure some of you wonder what kind of stuff we buy and what we do with all of it! Well, basically we save half and give away another half. How many times have you been to our place and left with shampoo, a sweet razor or several boxes of cereal? I LOVE giving stuff to people. Secretly, I want them to catch the ‘saving money’ bug. We have a certain hard, iron-working friend who RARELY looks at a price tag yet is IN AWE when I get $13 razors for under a buck. I haven’t been couponing too long (my inserts start 5/1!) yet have managed to get all this stuff AND MORE for under $150 ..for everything. Yes, that includes the MANY packs of diapers and wipes you can’t see.

So, enjoy ..and remember, if you ever feel overwhelmed, START SLOW!

This haul was probably my best. . I think I MADE $9 for taking it all home. Yes, MADE!



















This is currently what our pantry looks like. We live in a small apartment so these shelves we found for $10 are amazing!


Toilet paper, laundry soap, dish soap, our favorite antibacterial wipes, miscellaneous cleaners, 20 boxes of cat food, etc. .

















Those razors are originally $13, I paid $.89 each – That is THREE rows of Ryan’s FAVORITE body wash, a bin of his deodorant and miscellaneous things slated for giving away!
















My shelf of shampoo, deodorant, face wash – three rows of shampoo and condition, they were all under $5 for all . .less than the cost of ONE!


















Half of our linen closet – all the diapers and wipes are organized Tetris-style in here. .that took me a while to configure, but it’s jam-packed!














So if you are still hesitant about couponing (and saving money, as a whole), I urge you to read through the blog and ask questions. . I have spent less than ONE MONTH of our grocery budget ($200) !


Where to Begin!?

20 06 2011

Whenever someone comes over to my house or sees a picture of my amazing savings on Facebook, they ask me how I do it. This happens daily. So, I decided to everything I have learned in an easily-accessible place, this blog! If you are interested in saving money on almost EVERYTHING, read on.

What I tell people the FIRST thing you should do when you decide if couponing is something you want to do. .

*GET the Sunday NEWSPAPER*
. . this is key, as this is the main source of manufacturer coupons!

Every newspaper in every city is different. Where I live, the Oregonian is $2 in the ‘burbs on Sunday and $2.50 in the Portland Metro area. However, a subscription wouldn’t be a bad idea! Some newspapers even offer discounts for multiple issues! Here are some NW newspaper I recommend!

Salem Statesman Journal
Bend Bulletin
The Register Guard  (Eugene/Springfield)

Seattle Times – note: this paper does NOT have the RedPlum (RP) insert . .you CAN, however, get it delivered to your house in Wednesday! Go here!
Tacoma News Tribune – I’ve heard you can get multiple Sunday papers for $1 each
The Herald (Everett)
The Daily News  (Kelso/Longview)
Spokesman Review 

I know there are other papers out there but those cover a little bit of each state!

Once you start saving inserts, you can easily match up store sales with coupons and other promotions! Read on . .