Things you may wonder . .

  • How do you do it?!

In moderation. When starting out, don’t expect to save 90% your first trip! There are many issues that can arise and you may become disappointed. First off, you may think you have all your coupons/matchups/deals/rewards in order only to realize the store is out of what you wanted! This happens ALL the time! It is frustrating, especially when you spend so much time working on your trip. That is why you should get used to more frequent, smaller trips and keep backups! I know this may not make sense right now but it will, in time. No one is a pro when they begin!

Start small! Start at one store, master their policy, sale cycles, rewards and then move onto another. Grocery stores tend to be easier than drug stores but honestly, the best deals on toiletries are had at Wags and RA. I will say, however that J and I got paid to take a bunch of Old Spice APDO and body wash home. That’s just how we roll!

If you want to build a stockpile in case of natural disaster, zombie apocalypse or you because your church says so, you can build it slowly with very little OOP!

**Let’s face it, I’m thrifty by nature. I grew up poor and never believed in spending money on useless things or paying full price when you didn’t need to. Oh and I’m intelligent. I know where, when and what the deals are. The bottom line is that couponing just takes a little common sense and organization. If you’re bad at numbers, get a calculator. If you’re bad at remembering to get a paper, get a subscription. I’m telling you, couponing is a great way to save hundreds and thousands of dollars. It takes a little time but IT IS THE CHEAPEST HOBBY EVER! Once it feels like a chore, get out! Stop! Put the scissors away! You will stray and may never come back. It’s kind of like a diet, in a sense. You lose some weight, get bored/frustrated/mad, give up and gain it all back . .and then some! Couponing has definitely afforded J and I to continue our education, stay home and raise preschoolers and still have money to do other things we enjoy.**

  • Where do you find the time?

Listen, if you have time to go to work and make money, you should have MORE time to SAVE it! How do you think rich people get and stay rich? They save their money. And you can too! Whether it’s clipping coupons or surfing the web on your lunch for a half hour, if you are committed to saving money, you will find the time. At first it can seem overwhelming and may take longer to learn the ropes, but TRUST ME, you will get it . .and when you do, it is incredibly gratifying when you see your grocery bill cut in half! All it takes is one great deal and you’re hooked! Just the other day my mother-in-law told me she needed body wash. She happened to be at our house, so I gave her 3 coupons for the Dial deal ($2/1 ..making it $.99 at WAGS), showed her what to do and off she went to score her first haul. She was so pleased at how she did, she sent my hubby a text thanking us for the coupons! A small victory to me but a HUGE one for her! Oh and she is a very busy, hardworking woman who “doesn’t have time for couponing!”

  • When do you know when to stock up?

This is actually up to you. As you embark on the couponing adventure (or journey, for the less adventurous!), you will get cheaper and cheaper – trust me. When we first started I thought $1.50 for a box of cereal was good, $.50 for deodorant was great and $.25 for pasta was GRAND. I have quickly learned that I WAS OVERPAYING, even with coupons and sales! You may think I’m crazy NOW, but give it a little bit. When you get into the swing of things, you will realize you probably won’t stock up on that chicken when its $1.99 a pound. Before couponing that was a stockup price for me. Now I am hesitant to spend more than $1.50 a pound (for boneless skinless). I’m sure we still overpay but $.31 for the kind of bodywash and deodorant my hubby buys ANYWAY is A-mazing! That being said, if you find yourself bummed you can’t find deals on your favorite shampoo, soup or diapers, read THIS 🙂

J and I have been wanting to add a page for what we believe is a ‘stockup’ price but Amber over at CouponConnectionsNW beat us to it! So, here is her VERY comprehensive list! Remember, she has been at it a while and done TLC’s Extreme Couponing so she is a pro.

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